Next steps

Immediate GradICON publication work

blog post on how to train

collect training scripts

Low resolution glitch- get visuals for marc

Hack on definition of loss to improve performance by reducing map compositions

move from training scripts folder into library


Variants of GradICON loss

shear matrix trick?

MMTid22|MM^T - id|_2^2 as loss?

Lipshichtz constant of composition < 1 : P norm 2-> 4

Follow on papers

atlas registration

multimodal registration: synthmorph?

train one network on all the data we have- leave one out evaluation- very good learn2reg data limited

Paper: diverse regularizers

Paper: multistep SVF

Paper: inverse consistent by construction

2-D 3-D- least squares regression using 3d-3d map as "ground truth"

Neural field registration

transformer backbone? how much doed network architecture matter?

more equivariance? Φ(TranslationIA,IB)?=Translation?Phi(IA,IB)\Phi(Translation \circ I^A, I^B) ?= Translation ? Phi(I^A, I^B)

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